The Coffee Life

Hey guys,

Moojin here. I am the co-owner and co-founder of the company Mooju Coffee, and am happy to be sharing it with my wife. I am also extremely excited to officially e-meet you guys and looking forward to walking this journey with you. I have been on an endless search of trying to find MY delicious coffee, but I've never really been completely satisfied with a specific brand of coffee. I'm not sure if it's because I have picky taste buds, or if it's because my wife and I have never agreed on a single type of coffee brand.

Needless to say, we started this journey to find OUR coffee and to share that experience with everyone.

I think the biggest thing for us is that we had our first date at a cafe, and REALLY connected with each other through every sip of coffee. If I remember correctly, we were sitting inside the cafe of a HUGE name brand (*cough Starbucks *cough) store and talked for hours on end.

Through this experience, I truly believe coffee can bring people together and hope that others will find their love just as I have through my wife.

Now, I know there are a lot of people who may be new to making coffee (or even drinking coffee), since life has gotten convenient through Starbucks and Keurig pods. However, I believe that coffee tastes MUCH better when you grind the beans yourself, and it also brings out a much stronger/tastier flavor (you also gain the satisfaction of drinking something YOU yourself created, and can let others enjoy the taste with you!). 

For today, let's go over the pour over, or the drip method.


Now, this is one of the more traditional, simpler, cheaper ways of making coffee. All you need is a coffee cone and a paper filter.

Place the cone inside a cup or a coffee pot. Place the paper filter inside and evenly spread your ground coffee into the filter. As hot water is poured through the cone, gravity pulls the water through the ground coffee, through the filter, through the cone, and directly into your cup or coffee pot.

The coffee cone comes in different shapes and sizes, and can influence the flavor of the coffee.

This method allows you to drink coffee on the go because it's portable, easy to clean, and produces one cup of coffee.

Grinding of the coffee beans should be medium-fine to coarse. Add 3 tablespoons into the filter and brew the coffee for approximately 1-3 minutes. The coffee should taste smooth and round.

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Written by Moojin Kim