Coffee Life #3

Day 3 of this lovely adventure.

Sooooo, we've been going over different ways of brewing coffee and i wanted to go over one of our more popular ways of brewing.

Drum roll pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!.........

It's the French Press! :)

French Press (aka Plunger Press)

This method was invented in 1929 and is known as the best and easiest method of brewing coffee. Coffee that is consistent and amazing. It's said that this way brings out the most flavor out of coffee beans than any other method (could be argued by coffee enthusiasts).

Now, why is this arguably the best method for brewing coffee?

Because, when ground coffee is placed inside the press pot, it's soaked, steeped and strained in the hot water. Through this, the flavorful essential oils from the coffee beans, caffeine, and antioxidants are diffused and preserved - leaving the purest flavors of the coffee.

Grind the beans to a coarse amount and add 2-2.5 tablespoons per one cup. Brew your Mooju coffee for approximately 4 minutes for a pure, clean flavor.

There are various sizes available for the press, producing up to 8 cups of coffee.

The press is portable, easy to clean, and no filters are required!

Written by Moojin Kim